About us

Institute of Cultural Intelligence

The Institute applies a unique approach to teaching and learning cultural intelligence (CQ). The majority of CQ approaches ask individuals to identify cultural differences and use them as a way of navigating cross-cultural interactions.

Our approach teaches individuals to leverage multicultural similarities, in order to transcend barriers and create instant connections with colleagues, clients, partners, and people.

The result is an improved ability to direct any multicultural interaction or team towards a desired outcome.

Learn how to transform cultural differences into an opportunity.

We provide workshops, seminars, and courses that develop people’s cultural intelligence (CQ).
Whatever your goal, learn to be effective and successful in a multicultural world.
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Our origins

Our story starts in 2011 with an association based on the Esperanto ideology, and aimed at connecting people from different backgrounds through art.

The Institute of Cultural Intelligence was founded by psychologist, Veronica Botelho, stemming from the success of her theory Cultural MultiperceptionAn Afro-Brazilian that has lived in over 6 countries and who works in 5 languages, Veronica now runs the institute from Florence, Italy.

My perception is the result of my underlying assumptions. If I can be mindful of my assumptions, I can benefit from a multi-perception (several ways for me to view a single interaction). Better yet, if my awareness and assumptions are grounded in what I share with (rather than what distinguishes me from) another person, then I am more likely to launch an effective communication.

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Veronica Botelho

Founder of the Institute of Cultural Intelligence, creator of the theory: Cultural Multiper-ception. Bachelor of Psychology (University of Firenze), resear-cher. She speaks 5 languages. Brasilian, lives in Italy.


Project Manager at Institute of Cultural Intelligence, the responsible to make sure that the scope and direction are on schedule, organize, budge. Our link between ideas and effectiveness. A kind of computer with a soul. Lives in Italy. 


Finance and accounting professional with a focus on the not-for-profit and education sectors. Bachelor of Business (University of Technology, Sydney) and Member Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. From Australia.​

Sara Gallina Torrigiani

Architect, artist, graphic designer, product marketing specialist. Venezuelan, Spanish and Italian mother tongue. Lives in Italy. A very dynamic person with a particular artistic vein and a great spirit of initiative.


Corporate Brand Manager, over 15 years of experience as Marketing and Communication Director. Founder of socialmediamktg.it. Master degree in Marketing & Communication at University of Bologna, Bachelor in Political Science at University of Florence. Italian, lives in Italy.


Researcher, poet, teacher and editorial consultant. PhD in Italo-Brasilian Comparative Literature. Works with the concept of Ecology of the Language. Lives in Italy.

Patricia Schmiedigen​

Graduate of psychology and business development. Collaborates with UNICEF, Fortune 500s, and small business. Lives in italy.

Nicolas Fagerberg

Actor, writer, musician and teacher with over 7 years of experience of method and self-development work. Have lived in USA, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Uganda, India and Finland. Lives in Sweden.

Dorotea Zwolinski

Researcher with a bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), in London. Lives in Sweden.

Giovana Mastromauro

Historian, researcher, visual artist and video editor. PhD from the University of Campinas - Unicamp specialized in the politics, memory, and city subject.

Débora P. Harbæk

Journalist, social media brand director, marketing consultant and specialized in communication from Brazil.

Daniel Z. Domingues

Academic expert on the development of educational curricula and methodologies. Has worked in Berlin, Sao Paolo, Barcelona, and Turin.

La Ferla

Developmental psychologist specialized in at-risk youth. Lives in Italy.


Expert and professor of gestalt psychology. Collaborator with the Istituto Gestalt Firenze, Instituto Miriam Polster, and the Gestalt Center of New York.