What is cultural intelligence?

Culture influences every perception we have and action we take. Cultural intelligence (CQ) is the aptitude and skill to decipher these influences in our peers, in order to be effective and successful in today’s multicultural reality.

Imagine the possibilities of being able to connect with many cultures. The growth in your success will be exponential, whatever your goal.

At the Institute of Cultural Intelligence we have dedicated ourselves to researching and developing a framework to eliminate all forms of exclusion (both intentional and inadvertent), a concept which can be successfully leveraged in business to:

  • Capitalize on the unique attributes of every member of a global team
  • Facilitate intercultural cooperation by ensuring misunderstandings do not prevail
  • Make every professional interaction a fruitful one
  • Enhance the ability to understand others and to be understood.
  • Improve performance in both social, as well as, professional situations.

In sum, learn how to transform cultural differences into opportunity.

As Gandhi reminds us, “No Culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive.”

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